Swing and Sliding Doors for Commerical Cold Rooms

At Artic Temp, we provide a wide range of door options for walk-in coolers and freezers, including both swinging and sliding doors.

An Artic Temp Swing Door contains the following:

  • Standard cooler and freezer door sizes are 36” x 78” overlap construction with PVC door leaf and jamb assembly with magnetic door gaskets
  • Freezer doors include frame and threshold heaters and heated air vent
  • Door finishes match panel finishes inside and out
  • Doors include handles with padlock provision and inside safety release
  • Door frames include toggle switches with pilot light and 2” flush mount thermometers
  • Options include: Flush door construction (frame and leaf made with PVC extrusion), cylinder locks, recessed j-boxes, concealed conduit, aluminum diamond tread or stainless steel kick plates, strip curtains, and windows

We offer the following Sliding Door features:

  • Single slide and bi-part sliding doors available with either manual or electric operation
  • Door finishes match panel finishes
  • Optional hoods fully cover the door tracks

Needing to replace a door? We offer “bolt-on” replacement doors for existing walk-in coolers and freezers.

Image of swinging doors for a cold storage room

Different Types of Walk-in Cooler Doors

The walk-in unit’s doors are the gateway between the outside world and the storage of your valuable refrigerated inventory. Walk-in cooler doors require regular inspections to ensure they aren’t the victim of wear and tear from customers and employees. A walk-in cooler and freezer door is critical to the performance and efficiency of your refrigeration unit. Artic Temp supplies professionally designed, USA-built cooler and freezer doors that maintain an airtight seal, resist sagging and close completely every time.

If your commercial walk-in cooler combo unit doors need replacement, Artic Temp’s USA manufactured walk-in cooler replacement doors are the optimal solution. Whether the current issue is structural damage impairing the way that the original door operates or a new door is required in an existing panel, Artic Temp offers sliding and swinging cold storage doors. Our doors are manufactured in the USA to be secure and offer a trouble-free installation.

Understanding the difference in types of walk-in doors is important in considering the maintenance, repair, and overall care of your walk-in.


Slide doors are a common option for an entrance to commercial walk-in refrigerators and coolers. As the name suggests these doors slide all the way closed to properly seal in the cold air and secure the valuable inventory. Sliding doors allow for a user to easily check to see if the seal is air-tight on the door. If the door is properly sealed, once closed there shouldn’t be any visible light penetrating through the seams. If you see light around the door this is a red flag that the door is not properly secured and creating a sealing issue. The danger is outside air penetration can damage or destroy the products inside your walk-in unit. This issue can create unnecessary wear and tear on the components of your walk-in cooler. These components will start to work overtime in order to keep your walk-in cooler unit at the proper temperature. Let’s avoid all of these issues by ordering high-quality doors and ensuring a proper installation.


Swinging doors are the other option that Artic Temp offers as an alternative for walk-in coolers. Unlike sliding doors, swinging doors use a sweep at the bottom of the door to secure an air-tight seal and help prevent outside air from entering the walk-in cooler. The door sweep plays a critical role in regulating the temperature and requires regular maintenance just like any other part of the cooler. Swinging doors use hydraulic pumps for opening and closing of the doors. The hydraulic pumps help secure the air seal by ensuring the swing door is properly closed and sealed.

Invest in the Best, Go With an Artic Temp Door 

Not only does Artic Temp attest to our high-quality materials and USA-manufactured craftsmanship, but we’re confident that you’ll find our replacement doors competitively priced. We’ve even heard from customers who were amazed that their replacement was more durable and functional than the original model!

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